Survive the Christmas season

badsanta1.jpgChristmas is just around the corner. I'm no Grinch (I actually own Christmas decorations and intend to use them, not to mention the Bing Crosby Christmas albums...) but even when you enjoy the holiday, it comes with a lot of social and financial traps.

As a work from home type, I have the luxury of avoiding the city and malls emblazoned with tacky Christmas decorations and large signs saying how many shopping days you have left. But I know a lot of you aren't that lucky. So let's talk Christmas survival.

The website has a good guide on how to overcome other people's expectations and have the Christmas you want. I liked that it advises deciding how you want to spend Christmas for yourself.

It also advocates buying meaningful presents, or not bothering at all. This is such good advice, throwaway presents are a waste of money and just clutter up the house until you can figure out a polite way to get rid of them.

So what's your Christmas survival plan? I still haven't worked mine out!

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