Storage strategies for the home PC

ExtremeTech has published an overview feature on storage solutions for the home PC - which looks at using NAS or a home server to store and share data on a network (nice to see an article which considers not only backing up but how to make information available too). It also looks at RAID and flash drives, external SATA and online backup and storage services. It doesn't go into them in depth, but gives an idea of when you might use them and what's involved. So it's a starting point for people just starting to think about backup and storage solutions.

(I've recently started using Windows Vista's built in backup system (running it the first time took hours even though this is a pretty new system with not a lot installed on it), but I haven't even looked into storage solutions for the Macbook yet!)

If you read the article, check out the comments because there are a couple of useful reader tips about what's worked for them.

Ten Storage Strategies for the Home [ExtremeTech]


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