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gmail_logo.pngWhat a weekend - an election, an election night party dominated by geeks getting live election updates via their laptops, and I finally got around to following our own advice on how to turn Thunderbird into the ultimate Gmail IMAP client.

I'm enjoying consolidating my email functions - previously I had about 4 different accounts in my Thunderbird client - and the number of different inboxes was driving me crazy. The goal is one inbox, suitable filters. I'm getting there. :)
Following the theme of consolidating - the Makeuseof blog writes up an interesting experiment looking at how much you can do through your Gmail. Along with the standard email forwarding and RssFwd, I also liked the suggestions on how to set up Gmail to receive Facebook and Twitter alerts so you don't need to actually visit those sites. You can also get your Diggs, Stumbles and links mailed to you as backups.
However, one commenter on that post said they could pretty much do all that, but better, in Google Reader. I have to admit I haven't checked out Google Reader yet as I've just got Bloglines working the way I like.
So what do you think? Should consolidating your online reading to your inbox be the goal, or do you prefer to keep your email separate to social networking and blog reading?

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    I'm definitely a fan of Google Reader. No way would I want Facebook/Twitter alerts in my email inbox.

    Google Reader will also win over Mac users when it's coupled with OS X style google reader via Stylish (

    Thanks for linking to us :-) We hope you enjoy the service. There are many great things to come in the next few weeks.



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