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Reader Jason has written in with a tip for taking some of the pain out of using the White Pages online. Did you know there was a text-only version? I didn't! Jason writes:

I'm always frustrated by how long the Australian White Pages  site takes to load - it's a big page, with complex layout and plenty of graphics and ads. I find it can take upwards of a minute sometimes, even on my 512k connection, so I tend  to give in and go for the dead tree edition instead.  But if you look towards the bottom
of the page, there's a link to a text only version that loads in a snap.

Now if they could just fix the gawdawful search engine they're using so that when I enter a full and correct business name I don't get pages and pages of incorrect results, I'd be happy! :)
So do you use or avoid the White Pages? If you have any tips for getting better results from the White Pages, or would like to share your alternatives, please leave them in comments.
Thanks for the tip, Jase!


    I'm sure a lot of people use this already, but I've got to suggest using google instead when you're looking for a business.

    Whenever I've looked for a person on whitepages, it has seemed fairly accurate...

    Thanks for pointing out the text version!!


    Hello Jason

    I thought I alone was the only one who thought the White Pages search was absolutely the worst search engine I've encountered.
    If I put in a postcode search it is what I mean, I only want to look at that postcode not the whole state. I cannot search for the phrase eg Belvedere Hotel gives me all Hotels in QLD I cannot believe Sensis accept such a poor rendition of a search engine.
    Thanks for the tip. Text only is the way to go.

    A different Chris

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