Release the iPhone in Australia already!

SmallOfficeAustralia has begun a site tracking the slow march Apple seems to be on in bringing the iPhone to Australia. Entitled "The Collective Screams: Release the iPhone in Australia already!", the page also has a rumour section which says that Virgin Mobile is keen to step up to the plate if Telstra doesn't get the contract. I'm still firmly in the "if it's locked to Telstra I'm really not keen" camp so here's hoping.
Apple was being very coy about the iPhone at its Media Christmas party last week - not a hint about when we might see it on these shores. I was pretty disappointed that while they had a table full of "new" products to show us like the iPod Touch and the new Nano, there was narry an iPhone in sight. Considering how long it's been on the market in the US, and how much Australian journalists have already written about the iPhone, I think that's pretty poor. I'm lucky that I've gotten to have a play with an iPhone that a friend bought in the US and brought back here, but plenty of other writers are flying blind with only the Internet hype machine to guide them. Surely that's not what Apple wants?! :)


    we dont want it here

    I get the feeling they are waiting until the release of their 3G version before releasing in it in Aus. What else could be causing such a long delay?

    Or maybe Apple has already signed with Telstra and Telstra's just getting all the appropriate paper work signed in octruplate.

    If they don't release soon, I'll be buying another phone instead and it will be a while before I even think about an iphone.

    But I have seen it online with contract? company called Easy Mobiles? Never heard of them before.

    If they can get it what are the rest of the networks doing?

    I was going to buy an Ipone but apple let me down buy not releasing it quick enough,I have to buy a diffent phone now

    I have an Iphone which I bought from the States & unlocked myself and the phone ROCKS much better then all the other crappy phones out here, so people don't complain if you want one just buy one from the states by either travelling there or by buying on Ebay it's not that hard geez.

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