PayPal launches payment by mobile

PayPal users can now use their mobile phone to check balances or shop at retailers who accept PayPal. You can activate the new Mobile Checkout payment ability through your PayPal account on the website.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the new Mobile Checkout payment method is available from Deals Direct, Ready Flowers and Mobile Wine Club, while Hoyts and Warner Music are expected to start selling tickets and music via mobile phone by Christmas. PayPal also told the SMH it would add the ability to transfer money peer-to-peer and buy products or give money to charity via text message, by early in the new year.

Once your account is activated, you should type into your phone's browser to get started. If you want a faster log in, go to and activate your phone by creating a PIN.

Anyone got experiences with mobile payments they'd care to share? All I've ever done is paid for a coke from a coke machine using my mobile phone. :)


    this new paypal mobile service sucks! firstly, it tell you you need a valid home phone number to use the service (you can't register with just a mobile number) secondly, it tells you only english mobile numbers are accepted if you try to activate your mobile on the website and if you log into the mobile paypal site using your email address you discover you can only buy stuff from 3 australian stores!

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