On the road with Lifehacker AU

It's not quite Jack Kerouac but Lifehacker will be hitting the road this weekend, travelling from Melbourne to Sydney via Gundegai. Thanks to an awesomely geeky going away present, we'll be road testing the Tom Tom One XL as we go.
Sadly I haven't figured out how to Twitter via mobile phone, so I won't be updating from the road, I have managed to figure out how to update Twitter from my mobile phone (fear my microblogging skills) so I may do some updates from road (twitter name: stokely) but you can expect to see my notes on the Tom Tom here on Lifehacker AU sometime next week.

See you on the other side. :)


    Ahh you should come to Brisbane!

    Not this trip! I'd love to head up to Byron Bay sometime though! :)

    just in case you didn't find twitteresce and you're using something else, heres what i use to twitter via mobile, twitteresce, http://www.madpilot.com.au/twitteresce

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