Monitor Drive Space with Vista-Style Icons


Windows 98/XP/2000 only: Want to keep better tabs on your drive and partition space without having to right-click or open "My Computer"? Free application Vista Drive Icon replaces the standard hard drive icons with Vista-style models that display how much space is taken up and turn red when nearly full. The program runs in the background, shows up in almost every folder view and uses only a small amount of memory. If you're seeing red a bit too often, check out Gina's guide to visualizing your hard drive usage to make clean-up fast and easy. Vista Drive Icon is a free download and runs on Windows versions earlier than Vista.


    didn't work for me ?, made desktop black, no BG pic, drive icon didn't alter, uninstalled . .

    I've been using Vista Drive icon for a while now, and since I manage a lot of hard drives, I find it very very helpful.

    However, I'm not a fan of the Vista icons style, so I designed my own to better suit Windows XP. Those who are interested can find them at:

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