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aec_election2007.pngIt's election eve in Australia, so we've compiled a roundup of all the information you need for voting tomorrow. Below the cut you can find information on the best information available online to find out who your candidates are and where to vote, along with the a wrap up of the election guides that are available online, and even how to get the election results SMSed to you!

Don't forget to vote, and if you're having an election night party, have fun! :)


The Australian Electoral Commission is an awesome resource which can help you work out what electorate you're in and who your local candidates are. They also have a new online "How to vote practise tool" to guide voters, especially those who are voting for the first time.

They've alo got a very nifty Voting Centre Search - you just need to enter your address and it will give you a list of places you can go to vote, and show them on a map. Then you can get directions from your house to each one, with a single click.

Election Guides

The AEC's put together an election guide and it also offers state-specific versions of the election guide in PDF format. That guide has basic information on how to fill out the ballots papers for the Senate and House of Representatives, but they've also provided more detailed information on how to vote in the Senate here

Voting in the Senate means deciding between putting a 1 on the party of your choice above the line, or numbering lots of boxes below the line. It's not my place to tell you who to vote for, but I'd strongly recommend voting below the line so you have control over where your preference flows. Cancel out those backroom preference deals!

If you're interested in finding out about the preference flows the parties have lodged in the Senate, check out GetUp's Guide to 2007 Senate Preference Flows.

The ABC's election guru, Antony Green, has an election guide here.

Election websites

Back in September we gave you a roundup of election websites  and Google's Election page came online a few days later. We've already told you how to find candidates and polling booths with Google Maps. We also told you about left-leaning activist group GetUp's quiz which attempts to match your voting priorities with those of your local candidates to give you a personalised how to vote card which can be emailed to you or SMSed to your phone tomorrow morning for election day.

Getting election results

The ABC is offering paid election night updates via mobile phone - you can even nominate which electorate you want to hear results for. You need to download the application from their website (which also has a list of compatible phones). You can sign up to receive 6 updates throughout election night for $3.

The election online - what do you think?

The candidates have been on YouTube, the AEC and ABC have put lots of information and interesting tools online and really it feels like the first Australian Federal Election in which the internet's been used in a really useful and interesting way. So what are your thoughts? Have you found the online aspect of the election helpful as a voter?


    I'm a below the line guy :) I actually pre-poll voted yesterday, and my wife was most put out at having to stand around while I carefully numbered 1 through 68!

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