Invitastic – online invitation manager

Invitastic – online invitation manager


Invitastic is a cute little website which lets you create, send and manage invitations to events. It has fairly limited functionality at the moment, but a couple of nice features.

The invitations don’t seem to be customisable – mine came as an email on a yellow background, which wouldn’t have been my choice. I did like the fact that it embeds a link to Google Maps so your guests can look up a map of where your event is being held.

The site tracks RSVPs for you – you can see who’s said yes, no or maybe, and who hasn’t responded.  For Mac users, it offers the bonus of being able to download the event to your iCal (for you the host as well as your guests – the invitation comes with the event as an .ics (Ical) file.

The date format on the website is the confusing American style (11/20/2007) but the invitations themselves express dates as “November 22, 2007” which is much clearer for non-yankees. 

I assume they’ll add templates to give some choice about how your invitations look – in the meantime it’s a barebones WYSIWYG email invitation service, no more, no less.

UPDATE: Turns out that you can customise how the invitations appear online – I missed the two translucent arrows on either side of the invitation on the invitation creation screen which let you cycle through a range of different backgrounds. The email version always comes with a simple yellow background to avoid image display problems in email.  Thanks to Hillel from Jackson Fish Market (the people behind Invitastic) for getting in touch to clear that up! 


  • I personally prefer FaceBook to track RSVP’s and invites to events.
    It also supports Google Maps.
    It does not require the person to be a member of face book to RSVP and lets you post photographs of the event, videos and a basic thread of discussion.

  • Thanks for letting folks know about Invitastic.

    One small clarification I wanted to make… you can change the background of your invitation… how it looks online. When the host creates the invitation there are two translucent arrows on either side of the invitation. Those arrows cycle through a bunch of different backgrounds. Choose any background you like. (Note: to avoid the whole mess of red ‘X’s instead of images in e-mail programs… the e-mail always comes with a simple yellow background. Your chosen template only appears in the web page version.)

    You’re not the only person to not notice this. We’ll have to see if there’s a way to make sure people who want to change their background know they can. 🙂

    thanks again.


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