iiNet 'naked DSL' charges you for uploading

When we posted about iiNet's introduction of a naked DSL service last week, we didn't notice that iiNet has decided to count uploads towards your bandwidth allowance - something pointed out to us by eagled-eyed commenter Sethaan.

Gizmodo has expressed some concerns about this nasty trend over here, and taken a look at Whirlpool's take on the issue.

Like a few people, I'm quite interested in getting rid of my landline phone and it's accompanying monthly fee, but being charged for uploads sours the offer somewhat. Hopefully when more naked DSL services come online in the new year, they'll nix the upload charge.

So would being charged for uploads be a deal breaker for you? How important is it to get rid of the landline, anyway?


    I think its hilarious your complaining about this when theres iinet sponorship all over the site. Haha.

    Should we be concerned that there are now lots of iinet ads on LifeHacker Aus? Counting uploads is definitely a deal breaker/


    I'm a current iiNet customer and was excited when I first heard about their new naked offering (just hours before the article was published on lifehacker).

    As I was reading the details of the plan I skimmed the section on quota limits etc, as it looked like their standard line about shaping peak/off-peak when the quota is reached.

    In my head, I had already decided to make the change (pending a change request form being approved by the Mrs!). It wasn't until later in the day when I thought I would read other peoples thoughts about it on whirlpool that the upload inclusion to your quota came to my attention.

    That required a quick re-assessment, and once I add the price of either a voip capable router (current router doesn't have voip), or one of the thingybobs to convert my analog phone so I can plug into the router, the deal looks less and less attractive.

    The simple fact that one company charges to send the data, while another company simultaneously charges to receive it, just seems ridiculous to me. iiNet mentioned one of their reasons for making this change was due to the huge increase in upload amounts, assumably attributed to P2P traffic ... but surely this is also reflected in peoples download usage ... every meg uploaded ends up being downloaded somewhere ... right? So these same people are likely already paying for higher quota plans ... yet now iiNet are trying to double-dip!

    I for one, will not be converting to these plans, and look forward to other ISPs offering better naked plans so I can show iiNet my dissapointment by taking my business elsewhere.

    I was an iiFanboi years ago. Then as they grew (in large part due to recommendations by users), they became worse than Helstra. However, as far as I recall, iiNet have *always* counted uploads towards their data limits. No big surprise there. I'd thorougly recommend never choosing an ISP that double-dips in this manner. This is one of the reasons why Australia is a broadband backwater.

    finally; my 15 seconds of e-fame

    let's all form an orderly queue ladies ;)

    to Sheherezade: iiNet's normal plans dont currently include uploads

    but yes, something seriously needs to be done about connectivity in our favourite technological backwater. Unfortunately we won't see any progress until Telstra has some actual competition.

    So their deal sucks, and their banners plastered all over the site don't even work.

    errr.....WAY TO GO!!!!

    I work in the ISP industry (not in retail ADSL) and you will most likely see this happening more often in Australia.

    The reason for this is that the upstream to downstream utilization ratio is quickly heading towards 1:1 and at current growth rates end users are going to be net publishers of data not consumers soon. Once that happens ISPs are going to have to provision bandwidth on their outbound traffic levels and trying to recoup those costs on measuring just the inbound traffic just isn't going to fly.

    Anyone had any experience with the Virgin broadband at home option? I mean, considering it's wireless, you don't 100% NEED a phone line, do you? So it's pretty much naked DSL itself, or am I being a dumbass (highly likely)

    I'm afraid it was a total deal-breaker for me, I was just about to push the button and then spotted the small print. Scheherazade, I think you'll find that iiNet have never charged for uploads until now. So yes, you might get more quota to use, but use a bandwidth monitor like Netlimiter for one month and you'll be surprised how much you upload, especially if you p2p.

    It was a pretty sneaky move by iiNet IMHO; it was a very significant change away from the conditions of their previous and established plans. Most reasonable people would expect to switch plans and be subject to the same or similar conditions (even LH was fooled). iiNet should have known this and given the condition its own heading instead of burying it in a paragraph that lots of people will skip or at least skim over. It's an important detail and should have been treated as such.

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