iiNet announces naked DSL plans

Naked DSL is finally here for those wishing to dump their monthly landline fee. APC magazine reports that iiNet has announced a $49.95 package which offers 2GB peak and 2GB off peak download allowance - with the sweetner of free local and national calls through iiNet's VoIP service. Calls to mobiles aren't free - they're charged at 29c per minute, with no call connection fee.

There's a full pricing table of the available home and business plans in the APC article, or you can check out the details at iiNet's website here.

iiNet's Naked DSL goes on sale; pricing revealed [APC]


    The pricing pretty closely matches their not-naked (clothed?) plans with VOIP, until you see the little "Both downloads and uploads count towards your Naked DSL monthly quota".

    Nice job sneaking that one in iiNet, you're one of the big boys now ...

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