How to troubleshoot Internet Explorer crashes

If like me you use a mix of Firefox and Internet Explorer for browsing, you remember how great it was when IE finally added the tabbed browsing feature which Firefox had offered for (seemingly) years.
Now my big bugbear with IE7 is not just the fact that it crashes regularly, but that when you restart IE, it doesn't offer to reopen all the tabs you had open before the crash - I love that Firefox can do that!
The Online Tech Tips blog offers a few things to try if you're experiencing frequent IE crashes. When I get my PC back out of jail (storage) I'm going to give these a shot. If you try them out, please let me know if they help stop the crashes.

How to fix Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close [Online Tech Tips]


    Why not install the Firefox extension IE Tab - then if a site needs IE you just click open in IE Tab.

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