How to host a garden snail race

How to host a garden snail race

snail_race.pngKids bored enough to watch paint dry? How about watching a snail race instead? The Thingamababy blog has written up a guide to snail racing (concentric circles drawn on posterboard, or drawn with chalk on the footpath or porch if you want to race outdoors). It even provides a PDF of downloadable (tiny!) racing numbers for your snails.

A cute activity which you can use to teach kids a bit about snails and how cool they are – hopefully before they’re old enough to get squicked by the snail trail – which, Thingamababy reminds us “is just a lubricant that helps them move around”.

Gentemen, start your… snails!

How to Host a Garden Snail Race [Thingamababy via Make]

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