How do you manage your RSS reading?

At a conference recently I was stunned when Ben Barren of Gnoos admitted to reading something like 800 RSS feeds a day. It brought home to me how important RSS triage is if you're going to stay on top of your reading without letting it take over your day!
I'm a lightweight, with about 60 feeds in my reader, split into 3 groups - work, fun and blogging tools. Admittedly I do tend to add one or two new feeds a day, but that's about the extent of my RSS management plan.
43 Folders today had a post about RSS management which suggests taking a different approach completely, and grouping feeds according to how you read them, rather than by subject. Basically feeds are grouped according to urgency - so the 'Can't Miss' group is for feeds that need to be read daily, while stories in 'Skip 'em' can be left for a quieter time. Another category suggested was for blogs you definitely want to keep track of, but that aren't urgent, such as friend's blogs.
Since I'm still back in the dark ages with Bloglines and my simple division of RSS feeds into work and fun, I thought I'd throw this question to the readers to get some tips: How do you manage your RSS reading? Do you have a system for "RSS triage"? Please share in comments.

Sink or Swim: Managing RSS Feed with Better Groups [43 Folders]


    i use outlook 2007 @ present but am very open to a standalone RSS reader if anyone can suggest one...

    cheers :)

    with the beauty of opening endless tabs via clicks and ¨open all in tabs" - I stuggle to remember to use RSS Feeds - but when I do googleReader does the trick for me - add feeds via a favelet or Bookmarklet - and being Google - the feeds are available thru any computer...

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