Give the Gift of Free Software

thumb-drive.pngStill looking for the perfect gift for your office gift exchange? Web site LinuxInsider suggests giving the gift of free software this Christmas. Just grab a cheap USB thumb drive (you can find a 1GB drive for as little as 10 bucks these days), head somewhere like PortableApps, and grab some free portable software. Alternately, if you really wanted to go above and beyond, you could build a full PC on a stick. Not only might it make the perfect gift for a friend in need of some portable storage, but it could also be the perfect opportunity to introduce your loved ones to great open source apps like Firefox.


    The gadget I recently commented I had made for AU site has been updated to

    Use the link to be directed to the "Add gadget to my" page.

    So for anyone who is moderating this comment, if you think the gadget is useful, post it.

    Your link appears broken to me. :(

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