Get a personalised how to vote card emailed or SMSed to you

howshouldivote.pngFancy having a personalised how to vote card emailed to you, or SMSed to you on the morning of the election? Online activist group GetUp have set up a 20 question online quiz to help you identify which of your local candidates most closely reflects your values.

The questions were also posed to the candidates, and the site generates your 'how to vote' card based on which candidate is the closest to your results. The questions range from the war in Iraq, health and education spending, union power, indigenous issues, and same sex issues.

I'm glad to see that GetUp also encourages people to check out the Australian Electoral Commission's website and the websites of the individual candidates. Especially since not all candidates have responded to GetUp's survey - for example in my electorate, neither the Liberal candidate nor the Family First candidate had responded, so my "How to Vote" card puts them last. Still it's an interesting idea and a quick and easy way to identify your local candidates, at the very least.

How Should I Vote? [GetUp]


    What a load of crap, a tiny portion of candidates have responded to the questionarre, so basically if you respond to the questionaire, you will be placed higher than someone who may better suit your outlook on politics. Useless.


    this is such bullshit.

    i said i wanted troops to stay in iraq, lower taxes, and promote economic growth while reducing union influence, and it tells me to put the liberals last.

    i think saying that they are labor affiliated is a bit of an understatement.

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