Free to air EPGs start broadcasting

A story in yesterday's Age has reported that free to air industry group Free TV has confirmed all networks will provide EPGs (electronic program guides) by January 1, but they are still trying to use legal action to stop PVR manufacturers from using ad-skipping.

The writeup in the Age says channels 9 and 10 and the ABC have already started broadcasting their EPGs, while 7 will come online by January 1. While it's supposedly an "open" EPG the legal action being taken by Free TV is trying to restrict EPG access to the manufacturers who don't use ad-skipping in their PVRs.

PVRs bought in the last 3 years should automatically start receiving the EPG broadcasts as the channels come online. So has anyone started using the EPG for new additions channels 9 and 10? I'd be interested to hear how it's working out.




    If I use an open software PVR such as MythTV will I be able to use this "open" EPG?

    Yep MythTV can use the over-the-air EPG. You can enable it somewhere in the channel settings in mythtv-setup or though MythWeb. In MythWeb it's the last column, useonairguide. I think it will update whenever you run mythfilldatabase.

    I might give this a go right now. Should be a simpler, faster and more accurate alternative to scrapers like shepherd (

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