Free Clip Art at the Open Clip Art Library


Tired of pulling from the same sad-looking clip art files in Microsoft Word? Need a funny, cute, or weird image to liven up a presentation? The Open Clip Art Library has you covered. More than 10,000 Scalable Vector Graphic images—the kind that still look smooth when you resize them—are posted there, freely licensed for use in personal or commercial projects. OpenOffice users can also get a clip art infusion by installing OxygenOffice Professional, and DIY types might think about setting aside some clip art for customised wrapping paper.


    I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that there is so little Australian clip art available. Most seems to be US oriented.
    In the early days of computers Australian clip was available in print out form [and might later have been on disk], but now it is getting as scarce as most other australian products.

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