Find a nerdy name for your newborn

scifi baby.pngIf you don't think you can count on your poor parenting skills and the angst of existence in our hellbent society to ruin your child's life, why not ensure it by chosing a nerdy name for him or her from the annals of science fiction? You have to wonder just how nerdy we've become when Sci-Fi Baby Names: 500 Out-of-This-World Baby Names from Anakin to Zardoz gets published. It got me to wondering how many girls are running around out there named Leia. Nice name, but do you think she'll ever forgive you for it?

I guess parents have been embarrassing their kids like this forever - my dad's middle name is Rhett because my grandmother was watching Gone with the Wind while in labour, and I've met a couple of people named after Lord of the Rings characters. So, do you have a nerdy name, or know someone who does? Spill all in comments please!

Aw, little Nuchadnezzar has your dimples! [Wired's Geekdad blog]


    I'm a Lord of the Rings baby. It's amazing how many of us started to come out of the woodwork after the movies came out. Suddenly we seemed much cooler than we did at highschool, when everyone made Aragorn jokes. Although I suppose my schoolmates had at least read LotR!

    - Arwen

    My daughter's middle name is Lúthien and with our second child due this Christmas my wife and I are still tossing up whether to stick with Tolkien or instead if we should go with a Neil Gaiman character for the middle name this time around...

    I went to uni with a Lorien. I love Tolkien names. :)


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