Dymocks launches audio and ebook sales


Dymocks has added audio and downloadable ebooks to its online book store. You can access around 13,000 audio books or choose from around 120,000 downloadable ebooks through its website or through new touch screen kiosks at its main Sydney store.
13,000 audible and 120,000 readable titles which can be accessed
through the company’s Web site or new touch screen kiosks at its George Street, Sydney store.
Dymocks is selling audio books in partnership with Audible.com – the
introductory offer is 50% off of the gold monthly membership plan –
which works out to $7.49 per month for the first three months.
The ebooks are downloadable in 3 formats –  Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket Reader and Adobe Reader. the full specs appear here. They’re offering an introductory special off their ebooks until 31 December. Prices don’t seem that much lower than you’d pay for the hard copy. For example the website lists its current bestseller  – Minette Walters’ The Chameleons Shadow for sale through its online store at $24.95, or in ebook format for $20.76.
Computerworld wrote up the new service and went into some detail about the backend and how it all works.
It’s great to see a local player innovating in the online delivery of books, but I have to admit that if the ebook is only $4 cheaper than the hardcopy, I think I’d opt for the hard copy. What do you think?


  • I agree. Asking for near to full RRP for a digital copy of work, and this especially applies to music too, is a disgrace.
    The costs of manufacture and distribution are essentially zero and they still ask for full price?
    Who are they kidding?

  • Definitely too much. I haven’t searched for the latest books but doing searches on other fiction novels yields ebooks that are much, much cheaper at about $5 USD.

  • I have benn a member of several US E-Book sites now for about 10 years. The e-books have always been very cheap to download and I have enjoyed buying very up to date novels at discount prices and achieving Micropay rewards up to 100% in many instances.

    Australian outlets are rip offs and I would not support them unless they start to offer much better prices. After all the overheads are almost nil. No rent electricity paper or staff, other than the webmaster etc.

    This greed by ozzie Ebook sellers encourages piracy. I can get any book I want from a number of sources without cost. However, since being a member of the E-Book clubs I have purchased hundreds, rather than use the pirate sites because they offer many recent novels not yet on trhe pirate share sites.
    Wake up Australia, it’s cheaper to buy offshore than in Australia.By uppping the price you are setting yourself up for failure and supporting Piracy.

    • Hi Dennis,
      You said you’ve been buying uptodate books on US websites for 10 years – I assume this has been from Australia?
      I’ve been trying to do the same lately but have been finding that all the titles I want to buy are only available to purchase if you live in the US (and have a US credit/card) is this how you’ve done it? Or can you recommend some sites that will allow me to purchase from Australia?

      • As an American living in Australian at present, I have kept a residence in America, and buy online using American Credit Cards in some cases. However, sites like Barnes & Noble do NOT work for ebooks, even with those buying elements. I still have to make purchases, ship within USA, and have them forwarded.
        However, I can use iTunes and Audible.com using the American cards and accounts for downloads. Have you found any other options? Seems to me, ebooks should be able to be downloaded to anywhere in the world. What is Australia afraid of? (OH! is it money?)

  • I have a Kindle and have set up an american address for books not available to Australia. I also have a UK address. Both are people I know but I dont have a credit card at the addresses. I switch countries in my profile whenever I cant get a book due to publishers ****!
    As they dont need to post it – the address doesnt need to be current.
    That is my work around for Amazon.

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