Decrypt Your DVD's Copy Protection with DVD43

dvd43.pngWindows only: Freeware application DVD43 decrypts DVDs and CDs, removing most copy protections schemes so you can interact with the media using whatever ripping or copying application you please (similar to the shareware alternative AnyDVD). DVD43 runs in your system tray, detects when you've inserted a new DVD, and automatically removes the encryption (the smiley face turns green when it succeeds). I've always had a lot of luck using DVD Shrink to rip and copy DVDs, but if you've ever run into problems working with encrypted DVDs on your PC, DVD43 is worth a try. DVD43 is freeware, Windows only.


    I'm an older user (beginner) but I'm trying to work out these computers. I thimk dvd43 will help me. Yeah,what is a URL.

    When I first started using computers I was so disappointed that they didn't do what I wanted and I had to revise my expectations.
    Now, because of free software, I can revise my comp. I wonder when there will be software for decrypting my teenage daughter.

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