Customise your shoelaces

wired_shoelaces.pngWired has a guide to different ways to lace up your shoes to support your feet while running (1), playing hackey sack (2) or skating (3). Which is all very helpful but the one I liked was Number 4:

"This one's pure fashion statement. You'll need two laces of different colors. String the first one across the bottom eyelets: Tuck the left end into the shoe; thread the right side through the second eyelet, then across to the opposite side, and repeat to the top. Now take the second lace and weave it through the first from bottom to top and back down. Weave until you run out of room. Then stuff the loose ends into comfortable spots inside the shoe. Kick it with your posse."

Sounds like a great way to jazz up your kid's new shoes - pick their two favourite colours for the laces and go for it. :)

How to: Lace Your Shoes [Wired]


    Where's the link?

    Whoops, fixed. Thanks! :)

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