Customise your carhorn with MP3s

If it wasn't bad enough having your train ride to work marred by strangers who have chosen "Who Let the Dogs Out" for their ringtones, now you may face the same horrors in peak hour traffic as well, thanks to the Horntones FX-550 MP3 carhorn.

Yep, it lets you download MP3s to your carhorn. Why can I see a future in which little Noddy cars toot the Benny Hill theme in protest at the Bohemian Rhapsody being blared out by rusty old piles driven by Wayne's World loving stoners? The streets won't be safe.

I haven't embedded the video because it starts off with an advertisement, but you can click through if you're interested.

Horntones FX-550 MP3 car horn [CNET]


    Multi-tone and musical car horns are banned in Oz. It'll be interesting if these things make it to the after-market. I doubt that shops will be allowed to sell them so that means buying them over the web.

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