ClaimID is a social aggregator of online identities

Laurel Papworth has written up an interesting review of online identity manager ClaimID, which she says is a nice social aggregator of online identities.

“Think of ClaimID as a social bookmarking site for identities
and profiles. You link to your profile page or account login on some
other site and then bookmark it. There’s a hidden/private field and you
can choose whether to turn the API functions on or off.”

ClaimID uses OpenID to let you verify or ‘claim’ pages and profiles about yourself online, providing a central repository for yourself or others to search (portfolio 2.0?). It also has the handy bonus of having a private field for password hints, so you can use it as a reminder for the passwords for the sites you visit infrequently.

My Social Identities: ClaimID [Laurel Papworth]

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