Choose gifts for your office Secret Santa

badsanta_small.jpgWe've already shown you how to organise your office Secret Santa online, and now Wired comes to the rescue to answer the prickly question of what to buy Mr No Personality from Marketing when you get his name in the draw.

Their advice? Research the person you have to buy for. Don't get something too personal (eww underwear?!) and make sure you stick to the dollar limit which is usually set for office Secret Santas.

The best Secret Santa I ever participated in was in an office of crazy, tech and gadget obsessed geeks who gave each other random, silly gadgets. They were handed out at the staff Christmas lunch, which rapidly descended into a gadget-brawl of epic "plastic T-Rex versus punching nun" proportions. I'm still vaguely jealous of the guy who scored the mini catapult that shot little plastic pigs at people. :)

And the moral of that geeky little story is just to remind you that you can buy something little and cheap that still gives the recipient a laugh and some fun. I personally would much prefer that to something bland and safe like some scented soap.

So have you ever come up with a brilliant Secret (or scored a total dud?). Leave tips in comments please.

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