Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal for Less than a Dollar

After taking apart a $30 "extender" Wi-Fi router antenna, one intrepid video blogger posted a guide to making the same thing with remarkably cheap stuff. If you're not afraid of a soldering gun or taking apart your router antenna, a small amount of copper wire, a drinking straw, a wood screw and black marker should get you (according to the video creator) roughly twice the range and power. The standard warnings about potentially damaging your hardware apply, so those skittish about soldering should check out Gina's Top 10 Wi-Fi Boosts, Tweaks and Apps. Thanks Colin!


    Does not work,if you follow his instructions. The antenna actually gives a poorer reception.
    He doesn't explain that you have to get the coils exactly the right length (spacing needs to be perfectly uniform) & that the final length of the fitted wire has to be exactly 3&a half inches long,
    Just another backyard butcher with big ideas & no real logic.

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