Automate Household Shopping with Amazon Subscribe & Save


Sick of running out to buy diapers, shampoo, or laundry detergent again? A new service from Amazon called Subscribe & Save ships regular deliveries of discounted household items on a schedule you determine. "Subscribe" to, say, your favourite brand of paper towels and set Amazon to ship you a few packages every 1, 2, 3, or 6 months. Amazon waives the shipping fee, gives you 15% off their regular price for the towels, emails you before each shipment goes out (with an option to cancel), and charges you only when they ship. I haven't tried the service myself yet (it's in beta, and only applies to household items, not books, CDs or DVDs), but it sure looks like a handy way to automate your shopping and save cash, gas, and time. Anyone out there Subscribe & Save'ing? Let us know how it is in the comments.

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