Acess Gmail contacts in Thunderbird

Gmail's recently announced IMAP support brought us closer to Thunderbird/Gmail sychronicity nirvana - but as Lifehacker reader Dan pointed out, you need to do some tweaking to get access to your Gmail contacts in Thunderbird.

Dan's solution uses a combination of previously mentioned GCALDaemon  and the Contacts Sidebar Add-On - one of Gina's favourite Thunderbird extensions. Here's how he did it:

Install and set up GCALDaemon (just remember to 'install' and 'start' the service - that had me stumped for a while!).  This gives you the ability to search for contacts when creating new emails.

Enter '*' (without quotes) into the contacts search box and you'll get a full list.

Add the Contacts Sidebar Add-On though and its default setup will automatically download your Gmail Contacts for you to view whenever you want (as long as you're online).

Thanks for the tip, Dan!


    I recently discovered an easier way for syncing your TB contacts with Gmail's (or Zimbra's). An extension called Zindus makes contact syncronization a snap. Just make sure to download the latest version from, given that the one provided in mozilla addons is outdated and can't sync with Gmail.
    Best Regards

    @Roman: I tried Zindus and it didn't too well for me. It only sincs mail addresses, all the rest remains unnoticed.

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