A visual guide to "Organisation 101"

You can't turn around on the Internet without bumping into yet another productivity or GTD system, but today I stumbled upon a really nice walkthrough which looks like a great starting point for someone who wants to set up a system to get organised, but doesn't know where to start.

Trent at the Simple Dollar blog has written "Organisation 101" which is a guide to his productivity system, which includes photos and screenshots of the notebooks he uses for ideas and keeping projects on track, his filing system, and his email and calendar system.

I liked the way he takes notes online using the "open notebook" button in Firefox to open up Google Notebook in his browser. He also uses the mobile version of Remember the Milk to create lists he can access from his phone.

He also lists some principles for email management, from the the 'process and delete it every day' school of thinking. He also recommends the QuickText extension for Thunderbird for creating responses to common questions.

As a bonus, he even shows off his Go bag. All up, a nice starting point if you want to recommend a productivity system to someone. 

Organisation 101: A Visual Guide to How I Manage the Information in My Life [The Simple Dollar]


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