A Call (Ha!) to Shorten Your Voicemail Greeting

vmail.jpg Blogger Brett Kelly says you should stop wasting your callers' time and shorten your voicemail greeting to the bare essentials—no music, no cutesy stuff, no obvious information like "I'm not available to take your call right now." In the end, he recommends simply saying your name and phone number. While I'm just as cranky as he is about time-wasting greetings, that seems a bit too curt. What's in your voicemail greeting? Let us know in the comments. (If long greetings drive you nutso, there are ways to skip long greetings and get right to the beep.)


    My greeting is short and simple:

    "Hi it's Josh Nunn. Leave a message or press hash to leave a number"

    I made mine shorter after dealing with too many long rambly messages like "Hi, you've reached so-and-so. I'm not in, or I might be drunk so leave your name, a message and your number and I might get back to you. Alternatively, you can try my home phone - one two three four five six seven, or write me an email to fungrrl (that's fungrrl spelt f-u-n-g-r-r-l) at hotmail dot com. I'm also on facebook, so you could add me. Please leave your message after the beep."


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