Work/Life balance - how to make definitive changes

A lot of people are drawn to freelancing because it means they get to decide the terms of their work/life balance, but I think anyone who works for a  living can relate to the pressure of needing to juggle work and home life. A post on Freelance Switch today helped remind me that I'm in the enviable position of being able to decide how and when I work. I felt inspired to be a bit more proactive about building my client base instead of just reacting to offers of work (I'm so lazy about pitching story ideas to people!):

"What do you want to change about your work life? For me, I want to get better-paying clients and stop rushing so much. I’ve cut down on other work to make way for new projects. And when I feel myself getting rushed or overwhelmed, I stop and remind myself that I don’t have to work that way. You can change anything you want about your work life—the key is to identify what you want to change and take small steps in order to change it."

The post offers several tips for 'reformatting' your relationship to work - and pushy clients! It was nice to be reminded that it's ok to make small changes gradually too.

Making Definitive Work Life Changes [Freelance Switch]


    The balance is one of the hardest things in working for yourself. You are so aware of each and every client and how much they can mean to you. I keep trying to justify the skewed balance of too much work and not enough chill time at home by thinking that in the long run the work will let me have even better leisure time. Even typing this now, I know this is the wrong approach!

    I've been trying to remind myself to work on the business and not for the business, but still have a long way to go.

    thanks for posting about this. glad to help:)

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