Winamp launches 10th anniversary edition


Before there was iTunes, there was Winamp. A lot of people still prefer to use this freeware music player (and a lot of people still have opinions on when Winamp jumped the shark into bloatville, but don’t let’s get started on that).
Wired’s just written up a detailed review of Winamp’s 10th anniversary edition, AOL Winamp 5.5, which boasts a revamped interface, iPod syncing, remote music access and other advanced features:

“Best of all, Winamp makes it far easier than iTunes or Windows Media Player to discover new music online and incorporate it into your library without having to download MP3s through a browser and import them into your media player manually.”

After I stop feeling really, really old, I think I’ll download it and give it another whirl.

Winamp Packs on Features for 10th-Anniversary Edition [Wired]


  • Am I stupid? Don’t all media players sound the same? (I know that’s not tru of vids). I haven’t taken Winamp off my machine(s) in years.
    Its small, it plays everything, my skin looks outstanding, and, dare I say it, I LIKE the library tool. (It searches great and give my nice different layouts). iTunes and WMP make me do things I don’t want to do, they are overkill to hell – and for me iTunes just runs real clunky.
    Frankly I’m frightened to try a new “revamped interface” OMG!

  • There are two things that kept me using Winamp when I was using Windows (I’ve since switched to Ubuntu).

    One was the global hotkeys; the ability to start/stop/pause/nextsong/lastsong my list through hotkeys which worked no matter what I was doing (read: I don’t want to minimise my game to change the song). This is a feature I’m yet to find an easy answer for in linux, although I hear Amarok has a plugin for it.

    The second, and this will sound a bit like I’m clutching at straws, is the instantaneous search. Someone will come along after me and say “but itunes has instant search, and so does WMP” but that person would be wrong. There is an annoying quarter of a second wait between when I type and when I see the list – and it lags as I type on big lists! On Winamp it was instant. INSTANT!

    Haven’t tried any version released after 5.03, but that version was sensational. Highly recommended.

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