Who should be our next Lifehacker Interview?

Recently we've run a couple of Lifehacker Interviews and I'm keen to make this an ongoing feature of Lifehacker AU. It gives us a chance to pick some techy savvy, interesting people and find out what tech tips and tricks they use to get the most out of their work and playtime.

If you missed our recent interviews, here's one Gina did with Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu, and here's one I did with Aussie expat turned Pixar image mastering engineer, Dominic Glynn.

So I thought I'd throw it open to the readership to give some ideas of who you'd like us to interview next. So who are the Australians who you would like to tell you more about the tech and productivity tools they use to stay focused and successful? Nominations in comments please.



    Scott Parsons (www.positionrelative.com)

    Possibly interview some US Lifehackers? Even though they are not Aussie...

    How about the team behind remember the milk, if the to do list readers poll is correct, a lot of Lifehackers use the Aussie based website.


    I'd love to see some interviews with people who've been involved in failed startups. Obviously not startups which never got off the ground, but things that almost made it.

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