What it's like to Switch to Ubuntu

Longtime Linux users, avert your eyes, this ones is for the newbies like me. As someone who's looking at getting on the Ubuntu bandwagon when Gutsy Gibbon comes out in a little over a week, I had to read Laptop magazine's feature on what it was like for a longtime Windows user to trial Ubuntu on a Vista machine.

What it's Like to Switch to Ubuntu [Laptop magazine]


    I ditched ubuntu today. 2 months tryout. Removing it was the easiest part - but even then I had to learn about grub.
    Look honestly it sorta works OK. But really open office works just as well on windows and so does firefox and thunderbird. But then I can't have dreamweaver, photoshop, etc - I have to fight and struggle to get mpgs, avis, dvds etc to run, -it took me hours to work out how to have two monitors on my nvidia card and even then I couldn't get one of them to hold the right resolution and I had to learn a new language just to do that.
    Do all the programs have to have bad/weird names, I like the software updating - but it updates everything ALL the TIME!
    It just got so I never chose ubuntu in grub.
    Oh well I tried!

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