Twine - knowledge management with social search

twine.pngWeb app Twine (currently in closed beta) attempts to bring social search and bookmarking tools to the wiki, which sounds like an interesting combination. The app offers personal or group knowledge management for sharing, organising and searching for information, includng bookmarks, images and videos.

Web Worker Daily wrote about Twine the other day, and described it like so:

"A 'twine' is similar to a wiki, in that it may be specific to a certain subject or project, can have multiple members, allows for permission-based updating, and supports moderation. You tag the content you add to Twine, but the twist is that it tags your content too, by using natural language processing to figure out what it’s about."

Twine is in private beta at the moment. However, I got in touch with Twine PR to find out if it would be a free or paid app. The word came back that Twine will always offer a free (ad-supported) basic version, as well as a subscription-based professional version. Good stuff.

 Twine for Personal Knowledge Managment but Not Yet [Web Worker Daily]


    Seems like Twine is trawling for mail addresses. The beta is not 'closed' or 'private' on their web, it just says 'register for beta', but if you do you get a weird email dissing other companies usage of the beta concept, as in slapping it on released products. Which just is a very weird way of post rationalizing that you publicly asked for beta testers, and they actually don't want them. So why have the register on the front of their web in the first place? Trawling, is the only rational reason. Building you contacts database. Very Web 1.0.

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