TextExpander Gets Even Better

TextExpander Gets Even Better

Mac OS X only: The latest version 2.0 of typing utility TextExpander adds some useful new features and on what was already a solid time-saving foundation. We rarely feature software that isn’t free here at Lifehacker, but like Quicksilver, TextExpander has become one of my must-have Mac apps (just like our own homegrown Texter on Windows.) The latest version 2.0.3 of TextExpander adds Leopard support, .Mac synchronisation, AppleScript access, and a few other handy doodads that deserve screenshots of their own. Step into my office to check out some more advanced uses of TextExpander 2.0.

If you don’t yet have a seat on the text expansion train and you’re not sure why you’d want one, check out how you can save time with text substitution. Otherwise, take a browse through some of my favourite advanced features of TextExpander 2.0.

In addition to the features mentioned above, TextExpander 2.0 also supports custom sound notifications on a per group basis, and the ability to sort your snippets by most recently used (which is a great way to prune your list of old snippets you don’t need any more.) Apparently you can include AppleScript in your snippets (but I haven’t tested this yet—any ideas when/why you’d want to?) You can also choose a custom menu bar icon on the new version, too, for you particular-about-your-icons types.

The only downside to TextExpander 2.0 is that its as-you-type search can bring on the spinning beach ball of death when you’ve got a lot of snippets. (My list is upwards of 2500+, with the pre-fab dictionary auto-correct loaded, and I search sparingly because of the inevitable delay.)

Otherwise, I couldn’t enjoy reveling in the hours and characters TextExpander’s saved me more. Try out TextExpander 2.0 for free. Get yourself a licence for 30 bucks once you’re hooked.

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