Sticking to your goals when life gets in the way


It's funny that the things which could probably really help you through a crisis are often the ones which get left by the wayside - your life habits and goals. The Zen Habits blog has published an article on this and it really resonated with me because I know from personal experience that so many of my good habits get derailed if I'm under stress or at times in my life when something even worse has happened, like a bereavement or relationship ending.

I think the advice he offers is worthy of being printed out and stuck on the fridge during tough times, because that's when you must need to be reminded of *why* it's worth sticking to your habits and goals. He suggests anticipating problems on the horizon and working them into your plan, as well as "if you fall, learn from it":

When I was quitting smoking, I had several failures. But each time, I asked myself what I did wrong. What derailed me? And I incorporated those obstacles into my plan. The common obstacles that led to a relapse in my smoking included stressful events, going out and drinking (and smoking) with friends, and stressful family events. Eventually, I succeeded … but I wouldn’t have done so if I just kept letting the same obstacles derail me.

I guess the best advice you can get when you're in this situation is to be gentle with yourself. When something's happened to derail your plans, there's no point berating yourself. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and work out how you can get back to working on your habits and goals. Look forward!

So what's your coping mechanism when life gets in the way of your plans?

How to stick to your goals when life disrupts 'em [Zen Habits]


    Apologies for the silly question - but where is the link to this Zen blog?

    Whoops, I left off the link to Zen Habits when I posted this morning. Thanks to the commenter who pointed that out! I've added the link now.

    Thanks Leila - not a dumb question. I've added the link now. :)

    Thanks Sarah :)

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