SOL launches Australia's first online political party

via Kwoff - Senator On-line claims to be Australia's first internet-based political party, and says if its gets a candidate elected to the Senate, all Australians will be able to view and vote on every bill which goes through the Senate. SOL senators will vote in line with the majority ruling of the people's vote. I'd like to be able to vote online (if the technology was unriggable and not a "hanging chad" disaster like the voting machines in the last American election) and being able to scrutinise the political process online would be great. But what if you don't have internet access? I'd like SOL's ideas better if they offered a plan to ensure internet access for all Australians.


    I cannot believe that there are this many people excited by this. If anything we should all be very, very concerned!
    We live in a representative democratic system. That means we, as the people, confer our power to a democratically elected representative to make the decisions and choices which we, as individuals, do not have time to research, consider and make informed decisions on. If a representative of the people, a senator, turns around and returns his or her vote to the masses we leave our self open for a myriad of potential dangers such as lobby group voting or worse still uneducated votes for "a laugh". I wish that people would simply forgo this notion that a universal democratic system is something that we should strive for... As an old politics professor of mine once said, "The problem with democracy is that even the brain dead get a vote."

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