SimCity Societies tackle climate change

The next release of video game franchise extraordinaire – The Sims – will include climate change as one of the factors which can affect a player’s city, writes the EcoGeek blog. The game, SimCity Societies, comes out next month.

“Players can build their cities with ecofriendly options, such as wind turbines, hydrogen fuel stations, and green buildings. Their decisions will ultimately drive the climate of their city and even imperil it with disasters should their CO2 levels go too high. Pollution also affects the health of the population, and quality of life. Building these green options are more costly than conventional ones, which lends a realistic approach to the game as well.”

I have to admit that it's been a good few years since I was a Sims player, but it's awesome to see that they're building in some environmental awareness to the game. As the EcoGeek wrote: "The latest supercomputer climate models won't capture the interest that a video game can... Hopefully this Sim will be able to make an impact IRL."

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