Show Us What’s in Your Pockets

Show Us What’s in Your Pockets

whats-in-your-pockets.pngAfter taking a close look at everything you carry in your go bags, it’s time to pare things down and see exactly what the pockets-only crowd deem worthy of their coveted lint-space. From the entirely minimal to the surprisingly bulky to (*gulp*) handguns, hit the jump to take a closer look at what Lifehacker readers are carrying in their pockets.

As always, some highlights:

  • Saw a few of this previously mentioned credit card survival tool.
  • Steve Jobs would be thrilled with the sheer number of iPods and iPhones. For real. Those things are popular.
  • One of you has monster pockets.
  • A fun DIY wallet.
  • A few hipster PDAs.
  • A ninja remote (lets you take control of any TV).
  • An old stick of RAM used as a keychain.
  • One of you even had tabasco sauce.
  • One of you carries a handgun (eek!).
  • And only one of you had a condom.

As always, thanks to everyone who submitted.

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