Seven Things That Keep Us From Getting Home on Time

We all face productivity killers each day when we're trying to get work done. The blog lists seven common ones - including procrastinating instead of making decisions and moving on, web surfing disguised as 'research', disorganised meetings, and team members not meeting their commitments on time. Chatting with colleagues and IM are a couple more.

I've tackled a couple of these, particularly the distractions offered by the internet. I read a lot of blogs and news sites as part of my research each day, but I've put in a couple of mechanisms to keep my browsing on track.  Keeping your work goal consciously in mind as you browse really helps. I have set up a few bookmark folders to help me. If I come across a story I'm tempted to read but know isn't 'on topic' I add it to my bookmark folder called 'read later' and move on. I've also got a 'work in progress' bookmark folder for links which might develop into a story later - bingo, I've got a whole folder of story ideas.

So what are the productivity killers which conspire to keep you working late? And how do you deal with them? Leave your ideas in comments please!

Seven Things That Keep Us From Getting Home on Time []


    I always manage my time so that I'm ready to leave at 5 - I let the small jobs go until last thing, so if I finish something at 4:30-4:45 I've got that much time of productive small jobs to do, rather than start something significant and get home to my family late or interrupt it in mid stream.

    I've just been promoted from sysadmin to IT manager, and when they appointed me, they mentioned that it had been noticed that I always leave on the dot and that this is not appropriate behaviour for a manager and sets a bad example.

    So add to the list of things that make you get home late : 1950's workplace mentality... :(

    I think I'm guilty of doing all 7. Most days I won't leave the office before 6.30pm

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