September ’07’s Most Popular Posts

Miss out on the best of Lifehacker this September? Here’s a list of our most-viewed posts of the month:

  • Transform Your Classic Xbox into a Killer Media Center“Don’t ditch your classic Xbox just because you can’t play Halo 3 on it: nowadays it’s easier than ever to transform that old neglected console into a Unix-based media command center.”
  • Find Out If Your Computer Is Secretly Connecting to the Web“If you are trying to track down why your computer is running so slooowwwly, try using this simple DOS command to uncover a possible problem.”
  • Yahoo Mail Innovates, Gmail Stagnates“Less than two years after their beta release, Yahoo Mail has begun rolling out of beta after releasing an onslaught of innovative feature improvements along the way.”
  • Turn Your Windows PC into a Media Center Powerhouse On the Cheap“If you’ve purchased a new Windows computer in the past few years that’s running Windows Media Center Edition or Vista Home Premium or Ultimate and you aren’t taking advantage of its baked-in DVR Media Center software, it’s time we change that.”
  • Top 10 Wikipedia Tricks“Without a doubt, Wikipedia is one of the most useful and amazing sources of information on the internet–but chances are you aren’t using it to its full potential.”
  • Install Third-Party Applications on Your iPhone“In less than two-months time, a persistent and merry band of iPhone hackers have been pushing out application after killer application for the iPhone, and hacking your iPhone to install those applications has become dead simple.”
  • Best Free Software to Unlock Your Favorite Hardware“It sucks that your favourite gadgets have more functionality than their default software exposes, but it rules that several software applications are built to unlock that potential for free.”
  • Top 10 Ways to Put Your Remote Server to Good Use“An always-on server can come in all kinds of handy for running automated tasks, syncing your data, remote controlling downloads and acting as a proxy.”
  • Soup Up Your Xbox Media Center“So you’ve turned your classic Xbox into a full-blown media centre (or you’re thinking about it) and now you want to add the finishing touches–like games, album art and streaming video–to your setup.”

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