Roundup of social news aggregation in Australia

While doing some research on social news sites in Australia, I came across a post at Blogpond, which which was a really good roundup of social news aggregation in Australia. We wrote up one of them - Kwoff - earlier this week, but it also goes over a few I hadn't even heard of:

At a glance, redruby (financial), bloggerati (web 2.0) and too right (politics) are each targeting a specific niche. Kwoff maintain their focus will be on politics, business and culture. Confer and seem more geared to lifestyle, recreation and entertainment.

Social News Aggregation in Australia [Blogpond]


    aye bloggerati is a way of bookmarking Aussie web 2.0 projects and news. I got fed up with being told that nothing was happening here. :)

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