takes notes and gives quotes

At CNET's News blog, Elinor Mills writes up ResearchBitch, a web service which claims to be a search engine that does your research for you, using the tagline 'you give us the notes, we give you the quotes'.

"A student can ostensibly provide the site with at least 100 words from an outline, class notes, an assignment or just random thoughts. Ten to 30 minutes later you are supposed to get an e-mail notification that directs you to a custom Web page with the results."

Mills reported mixed results for her search, in which she uploaded an entire article on the effect of global warming on polar bears:

"...results for this line: "If emissions of greenhouse gases and resulting global and Arctic warming continue apace, the study said, two-thirds of the 22,000 or so bears will disappear by mid-century," provided results that were on target, bringing up links to newspapers and other sources related to global warming. Each result has a button you click on to get a full listing of similar results on Google."

But the sentences which lacked context on their own brought back irrelevant results. Her advice? "Make sure that every single sentence is targeted to get the best results."

I'm struggling to see why a simple Google search wouldn't achieve the same results - but this site might provide a humourous diversion of the "what does a google search of my name bring up" variety. takes notes and gives quotes [CNET]


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