Protect Your Home and Family from Wildfires

wildfire.pngIn response to the recent wildfires in Southern California, Wired's How To Wiki details how to protect your home and family in the event of a wildfire, from what precautions you should take before a fire to what you should do in the event of one. Keep in mind that—according to the post—strong winds and heat like we've seen in Southern California can tear through almost any security measure you take, but following a few of these precautions could still give you and your loved ones the time you'd need to get a safe distance from the flames before they hit your home.


    I reckon that the WIRED article isn't a bad start, though very Americanised. Let me say, as someone who has saved his house from a firestorm two Summers ago, all your preparation needs to be done before the fire season even starts. This includes copying your data to an external hard drive and sending it to a relative a long way from where you live.
    If you live in the country as I do, and there is a roadside hydrant nearby take responsibility to keep it cleared of vegetation so the fire crews can get to it easily. People in our community spray painted arrows on the roads to direct the trucks to the nearest hydrant. If they're refilling near your house they'll be keeping an eye on it by default.
    Join your local brigade so can get educated about fire behaviour and have a realistic understanding of what the brigade will do.
    The ABC website has decent Oz-centric articles about bushfire preparation. Go to their homepage and keyword search using 'bushfire'.

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