Organise Your Gift Wrap Supplies

present-1.png Gift wrap supplies are probably the last thing on the priority list to get organised, but as we dash headlong into the holiday season very soon, it's probably a good idea to start thinking about it. Organisational blog Unclutterer suggests using a plastic organiser specifically for gift wrap supplies to make this happen; however, you could also use a simple plastic shoe organiser or a flat bin that slides under your bed for easy access. How do you organize your gift wrap supplies, if you have any? Let's hear in the comments.


    I am possibly one of the least organised people I know, but i do have a plastic tub under my bed full of wrapping paper and ribbon. If only the rest of my house - and my taxes - were in such good order...

    Tell me about it. I love wrapping presents - doing my accounts? Not so much. :)

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