Notmac – a free replacement for .Mac

The notMac Challenge offered a prize to the best entrant who created an alternative to Apple’s paid .Mac service, with the intention of offering a free, open source utility for using Apple’s client-side .Mac services.

The challenge was won by Ben Spink, and the notMac software is now available for download. Danny Gorog reviewed it for APC magazine:

“Installation effectively replaces your .Mac preference pane with the new notMac preference pane which is where you configure your notMac settings. Once you’ve completed these steps you should be able to use your own notMac server for iDisk access.”

He concludes that notMac’s ease of use isn’t up there with Apple and thus it’s ‘not ready for primetime’ – you’ll need your own server running OSX and a robust knowledge of networking and IP configuration to get it running.

“Sadly, it also doesn’t duplicate a lot of useful .Mac functionality like webmail and contact syncing among others. It’s also worth noting that .Mac users gets Backup, Apple’s backup client that is still the easiest way to backup your Mac and one of the main selling points for .Mac.”

notMac released, notReady for first-time Mac users [APC magazine]

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