Nested folders in Gmail

gmail_folders.pngYesterday the big news for Gmail users was that Google is rolling out IMAP support for its email program. We told you what Gmail IMAP means for you (and your iPhone) and today there are even more tips for optimising your new improved Gmail.

While Google brought in folder support as part of its GMail IMAP implementation, the Google Operating System blog had a tip for a better visual representation of nested folders in Gmail by using the Folders4Gmail Greasemonkey extension:

"Many people want folders or hierarchical labels in Gmail, but this is as close as you can get. Those who really want support for folders will feel more comfortable using an email client instead of Gmail's web interface: you can easily create new folders and use drag&drop to move messages to a folder, even if the folder is actually a label in Gmail's internal representation."

I'm still waiting for IMAP to be rolled out to my Gmail account. If you've gotten it, let us know how you're finding it in comments.


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