Menu Bar Show and Tell

Menu Bar Show and Tell

The Mac Menu Bar—the small strip of applications on the top right of your Mac—houses some of the coolest apps you can run on your system. They’re small, they’re sleek, and sometimes they’re absolute must-haves for staying productive on your Mac. Today we’re taking a look at the menu bar applications your fellow Lifehacker readers use every day to get things done.

Here’s what we’re seeing:

  • Lots of fuzzy clocks
  • iStat menus are terrific. Totally.
  • MagiCal has several fans (me included).
  • WiFind is awesome.

A lot of you also gave a shout out to Quicksilver in your menu bar, while many others pointed out that they’re running QS but don’t enable menu bar access since it’s really not necessary. Oh, and the same goes for Growl. When it comes to IM, most of you are rocking Adium.

Thanks to everyone who submitted. If you see an app you don’t recognise or one you particularly like, give it a shout out in the comments. If you didn’t submit, we’d still love to hear your favourite menu bar apps in the comments, too.

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